Opening Your Pool For The Spring

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The cooler months have come and gone, and it’s finally time to start thinking about opening your pool for the warmest time of year. This is an exciting moment for pool owners, but getting the pool ready can be a daunting task that many dread. So, to help you along, here are some tips that will hopefully make the process as quick and painless as possible. Keep in mind, an Orlando pool service company like Pool Troopers can do all of this for you and more without you having to stress.

pool opening

  1. If you have a pool cover, then chances are you will have to clean it off before you can uncover your pool. There will probably be a lot of debris from fallen leaves and a little or a lot of rainwater. These covers become extremely heavy if there is water on top of them, so your best bet would be to use a sump pump to drain the water first. If you don’t own one, you might find one to rent at your local hardware store or rental store. Once the water is removed, you should have someone with you to help remove the cover. Don’t worry if debris from the cover falls into the water because you will be vacuuming the pool. Lay the cover in an open area to dry before cleaning it and storing it away says Gary of Pool Troopers.
  2. Reconnect the pool filter, pump, heater, and any other equipment that needs to be plugged up. Replace winterizing plugs with drain plugs. You will also need to replace your ladder and other accessories. Check your ladders and handrails for proper safety and replace any stripped screws that might come loose and cause someone to fall.
  3. Use a test kit to test your water chemistry before adding any chemicals. Most kits are equipped to test for proper balances of alkalinity, chlorine, pH, stabilizer, and calcium levels. Safety regulations for standard swimming pools are as follows: pH – 7.4 to 7.6; Alkalinity – 80 to 120 ppm; Calcium – 200 to 400 ppm; Chlorine – 2.0 to 4.0 ppm; Stabilizer – 30 to 50 ppm.
  4. After testing your water chemistry, you can begin adding chemicals in the proper order, but do not shock your pool. This will be done last.
  5. One of the most tedious tasks involved in opening your pool for the summer is cleaning and vacuuming it, and this should be done before shocking it, since a thorough cleaning will do away with any bacteria left behind. When brushing your pool, always start at the shallow end and work your way to the deep end. Vacuuming should be done next, and once this process is finished, let the filtration system run overnight.
  6. The final step is to shock your pool, and this is probably the most important step because it helps rid your pool of algae spores, dirt, debris, bacteria, and other contaminants. The general rule is to use two pounds of shock for every 10,000 gallons of water.
  7. As an extra safety precaution, consider taking a sample of your pool water to a professional and have it tested to see if other steps need to be taken. If they give you the thumbs-up, then it’s time to swim!

The Most Affordable Screen Enclosures for Your Pool

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enclosure for poolThere are a handful of outdoor home improvement companies like ARM Aluminum Inc in Tampa Bay that promise great products and service. However, the problem lies with their pricing, some of which charge a king’s ransom. But there is a company that balances quality and value, and this is where our outdoor home improvement business comes in. Ever since our inception in 1985, we have made it our mission to provide our clients top-notch products that are built to last without unreasonable prices. We specialize in screen protectors, turning your ho-hum patio, lawn, garden or pool into your home’s extension. Our reputation is bullet-proof, as we have been in the business for almost three decades already, and yet our client base only continues to rise.

Screen Enclosures are Beneficial for your Pools

Imagine relaxing by your poolside, with a Pina Colada on one hand and a pocketbook on the other, enjoying the cool breeze and the fine weather. But you don’t get sunburned, no bug tries to raid your drink, and no wayward twig is floating in the pool’s water. Then you look around and you see all your family and friends having a great time, talking and laughing about, plunging into the water, everyone having a great time. The above-mentioned are only possible if you have a pool enclosure, because it keeps out the elements and the bugs and helps maintain the cleanliness of your pool. Did we pique your interest? Then read on.

Best Quality Pool Enclosures at the Best Prices

As you can surmise from the last paragraph, pool enclosures like these and screen enclosures will make your life a little easier and your entertaining a whole lot better. With a proper pool enclosure, you are not only keeping the sun and the rain out, but you are also protecting yourself and your guests and family from dreaded bugs (which could cause illnesses). And not only that, it serves as a sieve, letting air and the wind in while keeping the leaves and the twigs from falling into your pool. It would also serve as a blockade from those pesky squirrels and raccoons that occasionally likes to drop by and steal a cookie or two.

Our screen enclosures are made using high-grade materials like triple-coated aluminum that is oven-baked to ensure a really tough surface. This ensures that your pool enclosure will last for years to come. Your screen enclosure is also custom-made to suit your specific needs, and there is a wide variety of styles to choose from, affording you the option to choose the design that best suits your home’s design. Furthermore we have a very efficient production method wherein we manage to cut fabrication costs, passing the savings to you, our dear customer. That is why you would not see any other outdoor home improvement company that can provide top-notch products at affordable rates. Since day one our mission is to provide the best products and services available on the market today at reasonable prices. We are confident that you wouldn’t find a better deal anywhere, guaranteed.

Outdoor Home Improvement Just Got Better

Because of the affordability of our products, outdoor home improvement just got better. Finally people can be have enough money to have their very own screen enclosure. And our products don’t just stop with pool enclosures; we also custom-build screen enclosures for patios, lanais, decks, gardens, garages, sunrooms and many more. Furthermore, we also customize decks and patios, and we even make vinyl sliding doors and windows. If you need any of these, our company can make them just for you with exceptional quality and durability. And like our pool enclosures, the rest of our product line comes in an assortment of designs that we can custom-make to perfectly fit the architecture of your home. You can even choose colors on some models, that way everything would make for a holistic look.

Be Proactive With Your Pest Control

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One of the most frustrating problems when maintaining a house is Tampa indoor pest control. No matter what you do, pests will soon catch up with you that can sometimes be destructive to the peace and comfort of the residents of the house. The wrath of destruction that pests can cause cannot be underestimated because some pests may affect the structural stability of the house. Termites are notorious of causing structural damage to a house particularly those made of wood. They often slowly eat and chew wooden houses and it may be late before the house owner will realize that his house is infested with termites.

indoor pest control

Pests usually make their appearance years after a house or building has been constructed. It is very unusual for a new building or house to encounter such problem. However, even though your house may not be infected now, it is best that you prepare and anticipate problems that may be brought by these destructive pests. Being proactive in eco pest control is much better than just being merely reactive. Being reactive is not enough because it may already be too late to find a less expensive solution to the problem of pest infestation. Damage caused by the pests may already be beyond control and there is no other choice on the house owner but to introduce major structural changes and renovations to the house.

Anticipate what problems may arise and if your house is primarily made of wooden materials, it is best to assume that sooner or later, termites may appear and pose a problem. However, it is not safe to assume that a house made of bricks, steel and cement are exempted from pest infestation. Houses made from these materials may also experience pest problems which may not necessarily be the same pests that attack on wooden houses.

Securing the opinions of experts in pest control is important when managing and preventing problems that may be triggered by pests. There are a number of companies providing services for pest control  if you are living within Florida. These florida pest control companies have been operating for several years now and with them, there is nothing that cannot be controlled and managed. No matter how complex the job may be, pest control companies will always find a solution to every problem. In the end, you will be safe within the confines of your home and at the same time save expenses for the repair and renovation of your house triggered by pests.

Landscaping within the Tampa Bay area

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It is the dream of every homeowner to have his or her own garden. This is very much understandable considering the advantages that a garden can bring to one’s house. A carefully planned construction of a garden brings elegance to a house and in the end increases the face value of the entire place. However, placing a carefully designed garden is not a simple process because you have to consider a number of factors in creating one, such as Tampa landscape installation plans. A garden is not made by simply planting trees or plants in a given area but rather involves a complex planning which is often coined as landscaping.


Landscaping requires the creation of a landscape design and creating one is not a simple thing. It is in the landscape design where the homeowner identifies the particulars of his garden. Before construction, he already identifies the plants to be planted, the ornaments to be included and how the garden ornaments will be placed and positioned in the garden.

Creating a landscape design can be done in two ways. The first or the classical way of creating the design is by hand drafting the landscape plan. This is the more popular way of making the plan since it does not require anything else other than the skills of the designer. A more recent way of preparing the landscape design emerged with computerization. Landscapes can now be designed using a particular software. With the software, any design is possible and the good thing about using the software is that, designers can change the plans anytime and with less ease. Plans can be designed for new home or for old homes that require a garden or landscape. Equally important is the fact that it is faster to prepare the design using the computer rather than manually designing it. Changes can easily be made with the use of the software.

For a better understanding of landscape designs, people interested may see the website of GardenSmith (, a company that principally operates within the Tampa Bay Area. It does not only design landscapes but it likewise installs and maintains them. It performs all services related to landscaping. Since it was established in 2010, GardenSmith had built a reputation of its own and is fast becoming as one of the top choices of homeowners for the development of landscapes and gardens. It may be a new landscaping firm but its excellent products had made it one of the top choices in Tampa.

General Pool Maintenance for Your Home

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The key to proper swimming pool maintenance is clean water that has a balanced chemistry. To do this, you should at least have a weekly routine in cleaning your pool and maintaining its chemical balance from a local pool service company like Pool Troopers in Palm Beach, Florida.

Chemically balance your pool

pool cleaning tampaIt is imperative that you get your water chemically balanced. This means not only the right pH levels, but proper calcium hardness and alkalinity are also mixed in the balance. A proper chemical balance is important because it keeps your metal equipment and accessories from prematurely rusting. This also prevents plastic surfaces such as vinyl from etching, as well as prevents the formation of scales on pool equipment, surface stains and water cloudiness. Finally it is healthy for the skin, as it prevents skin and eye inflammation.

Chlorinate your pool

Chlorine is used in pools to prevent the build-up of algae as well as to kill bacteria in the water. You can choose from three options:

Chlorinating Granules – Multifunctional granular chlorine products can help you perform several tasks at once by chlorinating, shocking and killing algae with a single, daily application.

Liquid Chlorine – similar to the bleach you use in your house, but this one is two to three times as potent and is especially formulated for swimming pools. Though easy to use and a very effective sanitizer, it has a short shelf life compared to other chlorine products, as it is only potent for a few weeks after being opened.

Chlorinating Tabs – Many varieties of chlorine sanitizers offer a multifunctional approach to pool care. There are a variety of chlorinating tabs available to sanitize your pool and keep it in great shape for swimming, while shocking your pool to remove contaminants. Other varieties kill bacteria and control algae, while softening your water and protect pool equipment.

Shock Your Swimming Pool

Shocking is essentially a procedure wherein you add compounds to the water that get rid of bad bacteria and contaminants in the water.
Basic Shock Products – these are compounds that work by destroying bacteria as well as breaking down swimmer wastes such as suntan lotions, cosmetics, perspiration and other impurities that will not be filtered out of a pool. Basic shock products are also excellent compounds because it reduces odor, eye irritation, as well as keeping the water sparkling clear.

Multifunctional Shock Products – Multifunctional shock products not only eliminates bacteria and swimmer wastes, it also balances pH levels, enhances filtration and adds algal protection.

Add Algaecide to Your Pool

Algaecide kills and retards the growth and proliferation of microscopic plants known as algae. This prevents the clogging of key plumbing in the pool, as well as keeps the water from turning into an unpleasant green color. That is why adding algaecide to your pool water will keep it sparkling clear.

Clean the pool
Make it a habit to remove any debris from the surface of your swimming pool. Always check if there is fallen materials that sunk to the bottom of your pool and make sure to get it.

Secure yourself and property with a security enclosure

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security enclosureThe right to be secure within the confines of one’s home is the right of every individual. Over the years, the number of cases of theft and burglary is continuously increasing. The increase in unlawful entries still persists notwithstanding improvements being made in type of security available and the more stringent measures taken by the police to secure the citizens of place. Security fences and gates have become complicated and sophisticated over the recent years but this did not still deter incidents of theft and burglary. If persons became more sophisticated in securing their homes, thieves have likewise employed more ingenuous ways of consummating their criminal acts.

Considering that security enclosures are meant not only to protect properties of people but more importantly the lives of the persons living within the enclosure, people must be more consensus in employing the type of security fence that will be employed on its premises. Gates and fences are the first line of defense against any intruder. It is essential that as a first line of defense, all possible means must be employed to make sure that enclosure will be impenetrable or at least will buy the residents some time to call the police before a complete entry can be made.

There are various commercial and residential fences available in the market today, such as the ones from West Florida Fence, and the choice will depend on the type and level of security that one desires. As a matter of fact, commercial fences can be used even for residential units since the line between a residential fence and commercial fence is actually very thin. The only primary distinction between the two is actually the type of building or property that the fence aims to secure. Whatever type of fence that one chooses will depend on the level of security that said person desires. There are fences that offer outsiders a view of the enclosed compound while there are fences that completely blocks outsiders from having a direct view of the premises.

Whatever type of fence that one chooses to buy, the important thing to remember is that the fence must serve the purpose for which it was chosen. It the fence is meant to principally protect and secure the residents and the properties in a given place, then said fence must possess qualities that will make it hard for intruders to break in. Although no fence can assure absolute security against unlawful intruders, the fence however must at least give people sufficient time to prepare against any successful intruder.

Pool Repair Services for Your Aging Swimming Pool

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Swimming pool repair is a critical (and often overlooked) part of pool maintenance. Over time, swimming pool parts can wear out. Your pool can also be damaged by Mother Nature, accidents or rough use. To keep your pool performing at its peak, a local pool service company is recommended. We an vouch for this full-service pool company in Tampa.

Common Types of Pool Damage and Wear

pool repair

Pool Repair Cost Estimate

If you’ve noticed any of these pool repair needs, contact us for a free evaluation and estimate:

-> Worn or torn pool liner
-> Cracks in a concrete pool
-> Warped or cracked diving board
-> Malfunctioning pool filter
-> Malfunctioning pool heater
-> Malfunctioning pool pump
-> Loose pool tile or coping
These are just some of the signs you may need a pool repair company. A good rule of thumb is “When in doubt, check it out.” If any part of your swimming pool shows signs of wear or damage, ask a professional pool repair expert for an estimate.

Common Swimming Pool Repairs

“Does my swimming pool liner need to be replaced? Can you repair my swimming pool heater or will I need to replace it? Is it possible to repair a swimming pool filter?”

These are questions we hear all the time. Some projects, like vinyl pool liner repair, can range from a simple patch to replacing your pool liner completely. Other common pool repairs include:

-> Replacing a swimming pool liner
-> Fixing broken pool tile
-> Replacing or repairing a pool heater
-> Replacing or repairing a pool filter
-> Replacing or repairing a pool pump
-> Concrete pool repair
-> From fiberglass pool repair to vinyl liner repair, we’re here to help.

Pool Repair vs. Pool Restoration

Not all aging pools need repair. In some cases, pool restoration or pool remodeling is a better choice. Asking your pool repair company these questions is always a good idea. Pool restoration is ideal if you’d like to update or modernize your swimming pool. A typical pool restoration might involve replacing pool tiles, adding new stone decking around your pool, or making your pool shallower.

If you’d like to restore your pool’s luster, our pool restoration experts can help. We can even redesign your backyard to fit the lifestyle you now live. Learn more about pool restoration and remodeling.

Request a Free Pool Repair Estimate

Our pool repair service is one of the oldest, most-respected pool builders in Los Angeles. From Irvine to Thousand Oaks, from San Fernando Valley to Pasadena, we’re the pool service and pool maintenance company Los Angeles homeowners and businesses trust. And now with our expansion, we can actually service not only Los Angeles, but Sacramento and San Francisco as well. Our services are unmatched, with highly-trained and certified team of technicians who have the know-how and the technology to bring you pool service that is nothing but the best. And we have comprehensive warranties on all our jobs, ensuring clients that they have quality pools that they can enjoy for years to come. And if you already have a pool and are looking for a reputable pool repair specialist, there is no one greater in the Los Angeles area than us.

Choosing a crown molding for your house

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crown moldingInstalling crown molding is one of the simplest and easiest ways of improving the interior decoration of your house. Aside from covering the gaps formed by the imperfect connection between walls and ceilings, crown moldings can give your house the added look that it requires. When I made a renovation of my house, I saw the difference between using a crown molding and without using one. After my contractor finished renovating the interior of the house, I noticed the emptiness and bareness of the area where the ceilings and walls met. It not only created a feeling of bareness but seeing the gaps which were not perfectly connected somehow dismayed me after spending a fortune renovating my home.

It was a good thing that my brother suggested the use of crown molding. I did not know what crown molding were but when my brother showed me what he did to his house, I immediately knew what he was referring to. I have seen a lot of houses that have used crown moldings and I did appreciate how it greatly improved those houses that used it. Instead of the junctions appearing bare, the crown molding gave the corners the appearance that greatly improves how the inside of the house looks like.

Looking for the perfect crown molding can however be challenging because one has to consider several factors before choosing one. One has to get the molding that perfectly matches the interior of the house taking into account the color of the paint used for the walls and ceilings and the theme chosen for the entire house. The crown molding should also match with the furniture chosen for the house to give your house the perfect look.

With these things in mind and with the help of my contractor, I was able to find the crown moldings which I deemed it best for the house. There were a number of suppliers that were offered to me but nothing came close to the crown molding that was suggested by Gloger Construction, a Tampa crown molding company. I was informed that the company is one of the best contracting companies in the Tampa area and since it was the one who will be providing me the crown moldings I preferred, I nonetheless chose it to place the moldings themselves.

Everything turned out great after the crown moldings were placed. I am so glad to have placed these moldings which have given more value to my house.

For more about crown molding visit

What Are The Benefits Of A Residential Fence?

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A residential fence is a great addition to your property, and there is nothing bad to say about it. Outside of the initial expense and effort, every thing about it is a positive. Let’s look at a short list of the advantages of a privacy commercial fence.


Installing a perimeter fence can reduce the debris that gets into your backyard during a serious wind or rainstorm. Even though the fence doesn’t have a roof, per se, it still provides some form of shelter from the elements. The fence is kind of like a windbreak to stop the wind from hitting you and your landscaping directly. Your property will be protected when the debris and trash fly up against your fence in a windstorm. Why let your property take a direct hit? Depending on the kind of fence you install, a fence can provide shade when needed.


If you have backyard landscaping that could be enhanced with additional décor, then a privacy fence will be a good idea to act as an accent for your landscaping. Whether you want to stain it or paint it, a privacy fence can be made to enhance any type of landscaping.


A privacy fence safeguards your pets and small children. If you lock the fence door, it also reduces your liability. If you have a swimming pool, there is less likelihood that neighborhood children will come wandering into your backyard and get into your swimming pool. There is also less of a chance that vandals, hooligans, and petty thieves will come into your backyard and steal your lawn furniture.


Depending on the type of fence you install, you can reduce the amount of noise in your backyard. The type, presence, and thickness of the fence can dampen down the noise.

Choosing High Security Commercial Fencing by derwentfencingltd

Budget-Friendly Screen Enclosures for your Pool or Patio

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screen enclosure homeAt Southern Aluminum Installations we are experts when it comes to screen enclosures not only for your pool, but your patio, lawn, garden and garage as well. Aside from screen enclosures and pool enclosures, we also specialize in awnings, vinyl windows/doors/roofs/floors/decks, decks, patios, lanais and other outdoor home improvement.

Transform your lawn, patio, balcony or pool into a livable outdoor space. Create them into outstanding entertainment areas that become an extension of your home. We’ll design a custom area for you and your family and friends to unwind, relax and be entertained. Our items are not only made from the finest materials, they are also made with the customer’s budget in mind that is we have some of the lowest prices in the market today.

Your Pool Becomes a Haven

Swimming outdoors could be a problem since you are exposed to the elements. The sun’s rays can be potentially damaging to the skin and eyes. In today’s environment there is a high risk of sunburn, which not only speeds up the skin’s aging process, it could also lead to further complications such as melanoma or skin cancer.

Another problem would be bugs and insects. There is an alarming risk now of getting diseases from outdoor bugs like malaria or dengue. To prevent such occurrences it would be in everyone’s best interest to have a screen protector installed around your pool. Not only would it protect you from the elements, but it would also shield you from annoying insect bites that may ultimately be harmful to the body.

Another advantage of a pool enclosure is that your pool would stay cleaner longer, saving you not only on pool products but the hassle of having to regularly skim your water. This would allow you more time to relax and enjoy your pool, rather than expending time cleaning it.

Custom Designs to Suit Your Needs

It’s a great feeling if you could just look out into the outdoors and not having to worry about insects or the weather, and barely noticing the screen. Our screens will give you outstanding visibility allowing you to breathe in fresh air through your new screened pool, patio or lanai.

Our Tampa screen lanai enclosures can be customized according to your specific needs. We will carefully measure your pool area so that when we return to install it, your pool enclosure would sit perfectly around your oasis of joy. All of our screened enclosures are built with the option to have glass or vinyl windows installed in the future, converting your pool enclosure into a year-round enclosure or sunroom.

Our pool enclosures are built to withstand the elements. Made from high-quality materials, they are very quick and easy to install. The frame is all-aluminum plus it is oven-baked with a triple-coat finish, making it rustproof for years to come. Our company offers a wide selection of designs resulting in an outdoor space that not only blends with your home’s architecture, but suits your needs as well.

A Pool Enclosure for Every Budget

You would be surprised at how affordable our screen enclosures are, not only the pool enclosures but all of our outdoor home improvement items. We have a massive production line and we order a lot of materials at once, giving us generous savings which we pass on to the customers. That is why we are fast becoming the No. 1 choice in pool enclosures here in America.

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